Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bernie Sanders Wins!!!


Bernie Sanders is not going to win California nor be the Democratic Party nominee, but Bernie Sanders won long before Tuesday's election. He not only won 24 state primaries, but he won way back when Hillary adopted the majority of his platform, he won as he brought millions of new participants into electoral politics, and he will win again next month in Philadelphia when the Democratic Party writes a platform based largely on his policies of “economic, social, racial and environmental justice”. Bernie Sanders has won the heart and represents the future of the Democratic Party.

As a lifelong socialist I did not hesitate to endorsed Bernie on April 30th of 2015 when he first announced, and I am so proud of the race he has run since them. Who would have believed that this Jewish 74 year old Democratic Socialist from Vermont would become the face of a political revelation and to have changed the debate in American politics?!

Politics is “the art of the possible” and even as Bernie goes on to fight for his positions on the party platform in Philly, it is time to start coming together in our support Hillary Clinton.
Hillary will be the first women elected President of the United States of America. Entire generations of girls will grow up knowing that they can truly become anything in the world, including President. I think about the historic nature of this election and the fact that my own father was born the year women were given the right to vote for the first time in this country. This is long overdue.

This is going to be an historic election in another way where the stakes could not be higher. Several Presidents will come and go and we will continue to live under the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) that the next President is going to shape with at least two appointments (Ginsberg is on record wanting to retire). As a co-equal branch of government and as the highest court in the land, this court will likely have more influence on the outcome of Sander’s agenda for justice then even the office of the presidency itself ever could. As just one example remember that Citizens United would not exist were it not for the election of George W. Bush over Al Gore in 2000. Think about the significance of Row V. Wade or Brown V. Board of Education or for the alternative vision, think of the Dread Scott case.

Everyone on the left needs to chill out and give people time to adjust but in the end nothing, and I mean nothing, could be more important to the future of our country and indeed the entire world then defeating Donald Trump in November.

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