Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sid Dominitz gravestone "Unveiling" 1:pm at Trinidad cemetery on Saturday Aug 27th

 All who loved Sid are invited by his son Zach Dominitz and Zach's mother Sydelle to attend an informal gathering for the “Unveiling" (placement of a gravestone), as Sid's grave site at Trinidad Cemetery at 1:00 PM on August 27th.
  We know many attendees will then be heading to the celebration of Carl and Susan’s lives being held later that afternoon at the Arcata Community Center, while others of Sid’s friend's have spoken of going to the beach, which Sid so loved, to further reminisce. 
  There will then be an “official" nickel-dime-quarter poker game at Bob Lawton’s house* starting at 7:30pm that evening and going to at least midnight.  A hearty soup will be served, but other potluck items including beverages are certainly welcome, though it is not necessary to bring anything other the required $5.00 buy-in.
  There is no parking at the cemetery so please park in town or up at the State Park lot and walk the 1/4 mile to the cemetery.  It is allowable to pull all the way up to the grave site to drop off anyone who is unable to make walk, and then go park your vehicle.
*Bob Lawton  
3015 M Street, 
Eureka, CA 95501
Home:  707-445-7968;  Cell:  707-498-4412

From Shiva.com
The Unveiling
Within the first year after the passing of a loved one, mourners and their family gather at the gravesite for a ceremony called the unveiling, the placing of the tombstone. At this event, a grave marker is put into place and the monument is formally dedicated. There are a variety of specific customs that revolve around the gravesite to honor the person who is now deceased. During this ceremony, it is not necessary for rabbis or cantors to be involved. It is a spiritual time for the family to comfort each other and remember their loved one.
When Does the Unveiling Take Place?
 ...it should be held sometime during the first year after someone has died. 
It is important to note that the actual date set for the unveiling is flexible, and often the family selects a time that fits best with personal circumstances.
Who Attends the Unveiling?
These gatherings are generally smaller and more intimate than funerals. However, the family members are typically welcome to invite the attendees who they feel will provide the level of support and comfort that they seek. There is no strict regulation on who can attend.

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Wren Marie Harrington said...

How I wish I could be there. My heart will certainly be there, and I hope to visit his resting place very soon. Sending love to all who loved him.