Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pamplin Grove 9th Annual Community Gathering ~ Aug, 2012

In Theory, It's One Hell of a Party
Illustration © Mark Smith

“I started to be a bit impatient.
So I asked, ‘Tom, how
should we proceed?’

Professor Cover answered,
‘Let’s do something
inefficient for a while.’”

This Salzman Pamplin Grove great cookout and boil-down summer party of 2012, is inspired by Information Theory, and the man who taught it, my late, great friend, Tom Cover. I have never seen anybody present such complex subject matter in such a simple and elegant fashion.

Oxymoronic, neo-conical fact finding, phony epistemology and wishful ontology? How DO we know what we know? "Information Theory has to do with uncertainty and the accuracy of communication, how much is lost in transmission, compression etc."

For my part let this invite be precise: WE have the entire Pamplin Grove Campground to ourselves and our thoughts for an entire weekend in August . Bring your kids, dogs, instruments, blankets, distant relatives, significant sweeties, a side dish for the Saturday potluck and of course, any troubling paradox.

Good stuff for the grill and everything else is provided. If you’ve ever been to one of these parties, you know. If not....Wow, you’re due.

DO RSVP for dates, details, directions, gate combination, Airport carpooling, or to arrange early arrival on Friday.

"Hindsight is most useful when it is not available" 
- Thomas Cover
"Don't miss this party!" 
- Richard Salzman

(include your name, phone and street address)

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