Saturday, November 19, 2011

U.S. Congress 2nd District A monumental election for Humboldt County

Dear fellow Humboldters and residents of California's Redwood Coast,

It has been twelve years since the last time we were given a choice as to who would represent us in the United States Congress. As Mike Thompson is now running in the new "inland" 5th District, we here on the Redwood Coast are being given the all too rare opportunity to once again choose who will be our Representative. For this reason I feel that the election of 2012 is monumental and while there are several interesting choices, it is my belief that the person who can best represent our interest in Humboldt County is Susan Adams, a woman who spent most of her life as a nurse and later as a professor of nursing, and the candidate with the closest ties to the Northcoast.

I hope that you will find an opportunity to meet this woman, listen to what she has to say and ask her the tough questions. I believe you will find that she is "the real deal".

Thank you,

For more information about Susan Adams or to donate to her campaign, please visit

Candidate for Congress Susan Adams, chair of the Marin County Board of Supervisors is focused on four key issues affecting the Redwood Coast: rebuilding thriving economies, protecting access to quality healthcare, applying innovative solutions to public safety and implementing clean renewable energy.

As a maternity clinical specialist and a women’s health nurse practitioner Adams has dedicated her life to healthy families. As a public servant she has earned a reputation for innovative solutions to local problems -- including her work on green energy jobs, therapeutic, justice programs, and a comprehensive Health & Wellness Campus, built with tobacco settlement money.

Susan also has a brother who served seven tours of active duty overseas compelling her to work even harder to bring our men and women home safely. She has made veterans’ affairs a top priority especially their post-war after care.

Adams is a mother and grandmother and has deep ties to the North Coast. Her extended family has worked their ranch in Mendocino County for four generations now and she has a brother who's raised his family in Carlotta.

Susan Adams for Congress
PO Box 4429 San Rafael, CA 94913
Fax 707.825.6600

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