Saturday, September 6, 2008

Freedom of the press no longer

This weeks episode of NOW on PBS (KEET ch 13) has a poignant interview with Amy Goodman, about St Paul Police's denying freedom of the press by arresting credentialed journalist and committing "preemptive arrests" against would be protesters.

This was the most striking 10 minutes of television of the entire week, if not my entire life.

The weeks schedule is at the bottom of this email.


Amy Goodman on her Convention Arrest

David Brancaccio talks to award-winning radio and television host Amy Goodman. Goodman was arrested while questioning police about the detention of two of her show's producers during their coverage of street demonstrations at the Republican National Convention. Goodman has called the police presence "overly aggressive." Her arrest was caught on tape and circulated around the Internet.

Goodman shares her experience with NOW and talks about freedom of the press, the role of the police, and what happens when the two intersect.

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Now's schedule for this week's show on KEET in Humboldt is below.

Find the schedule for your area here:

Now on PBS
A report on the Republican National Convention

Saturday, September 6, 9:00 PM

Sunday, September 7, 2:00 AM

Sunday, September 7, 4:30 AM

Sunday, September 7, 4:30 AM

Sunday, September 7, 3:30 PM

Sunday, September 7, 3:30 PM

Sunday, September 7, 5:00 PM

Sunday, September 7, 9:00 PM

Monday, September 8, 1:00 AM



Anonymous said...

Get real. You don't even believe that.

Amy wanted to get arrested and she did. Too bad but it's her fault not the police. This is how Amy makes a living.

Anonymous said...

I see the hatred of Hank Sims for real independent journalists continues.