Monday, August 25, 2008

Sign the petition to stop the AT&T service agreement

From: TURN The Utility Reform Network

Fight back against AT&T's new service agreement:
A Get Out of Jail Free Card for AT&T

AT&T's new 18-page residential service agreement is long and confusing, says TURN. Among the items buried in the fine print: No Class-Action Lawsuits Allowed, and Government Wiretapping's OK. The agreement would force customers to give up their legal rights to receive phone service from California's dominant provider.

Click here to sign the petition to stop the AT&T service agreement.


Carol said...

I signed the petition with my own name. I hope they don't disconnect my service just because I signed it. Interesting to note that one can sign anonymously.

Anonymous said...

aww quaint!

Anonymous said...

C'mon, where's that innovative spirit?

If you're dissatisfied with AT&T get your phone service from Comcast. If you can't get cable then get cell phone service from Verizon. Or if you live way way out, go to Carlson Wireless and put in your own phone system.